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Studio Chique Rx offers customized Cranial Hair Prosthesis in a variety of textures, colors and styling options ideal for the patient who has suffered hair loss as a result of medical conditions or treatments.

Our team of compassionate professionals understand the trauma associated with any type of hair loss and are here to create a look designed just for you. 


In a beautiful, private suite you will receive personalized service where details concerning your customization are captured along with your desired style.  A common issue in selecting the source of your cranial hair prosthesis is that far too many companies offer “coverage” with poor quality and limited styling options.  Our dynamic styling team does the exact opposite!! We customize each look for YOUR personality and are able to glam up your medical hair prosthesis with dimensional highlights, precision cutting and much more.  You will not only feel amazing knowing that you are in the best care, but you will LOOK amazing with the celebrity styles we are equipped to render. 

If you are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, female pattern balding/thinning or any other clinical disease or treatment then our prosthesis are for you. We use a combination of fabrics and compounds used to create a natural feel with natural hair growth patterns. Further, the materials used for our medical hair replacement is specially treated with compounds that stimulate hair growth, prevent scalp irritation, and resist oils and dirt.  


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Studio Chique Rx supplies patients in need with the highest quality as we only offer 100% luxury, virgin or remy hair.  You will never have to question the quality.

Contact your health insurance company to find out if a cranial hair prosthesis wig or medical hair replacement unit qualifies for reimbursement. Most insurance policies cover “prescribed cranial prosthesis” but do not cover wigs. You will need to get a letter and/or prescription from your doctor stating that the procedure is for “prescribed cranial prosthesis”.

Schedule your consultation today.

Consultations $250
Customized Cranial Hair Prosthesis – starting at $800

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