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Are You Experiencing Hair Loss Of Any Kind? How Serious Are You About Restoring Your Hair?

More than 150 million people suffer some sort of hair loss in America. Whether caused by genetics, stress, hormonal changes, medication or other ailments, there is a way to protect, preserve and promote hair growth for those committed to the proper solutions. Studio Chique offers world-class hair loss and healthy hair boosting systems designed to bring resolve to your hair loss and thinning concerns. Comprehensive multi-therapeutic maintenance packages, advanced result growth regiments including Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) are all offered by our double-certified Hair Loss Practitioner in a refreshing private setting. Our multi-therapeutic systems have been designed to address multiple treatment needs and have been proven to permanently halt further hair loss and accelerate growth while promoting longer, thicker, fuller hair.

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How Can Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Help Grow My Hair?



There are only 11 FDA approved lasers on the market  for hair regrowth* and we have one of the most powerful!! It’s been featured for years on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News, and most recently on the Doctor’s TV show. Recent studies show* 

  • 100% of the subjects saw an increase in hair growth

  • 97% increased hair count > 20% 

  • 77% of the subjects saw an increase > 51% 

  • 135 new hairs per inch versus 55 new hairs per inch with Propecia

  • No known side effects to hair loss laser therapy

  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp by 54% 

  • Prevents further loss while stimulating growth of remaining hair 

  • 100% retention of hairs and 20% improvement in thickness and density over 3-4 month period


*Study presented by Dr. Grant Koher called Effect of Laser Biostimulation In The Treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss combined with Dr. Martin Unger study in The Toronto Star

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Want longer, fuller hair without a long-term payment option or commitment?  Ask your stylist about our Advanced Growth Boosting Treatment options and add our Laser Therapy to your weekly routine for great results!

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The process is simple:

How Do I Get Started?


Our personalized multiple therapy approach starts with the initial consultation.  At that time we will analyze the condition of your hair shaft and scalp under a high and low powered magnifying scope. We will capture and maintain images throughout the course of your treatments to keep an accurate record of your growth progress.

Lifestyle, medications, diet and external factors will be addressed at this time and your method of  non-surgical treatment will be presented. Select the hair loss solution option most suitable for your budget and level of commitment. You may schedule follow-up appointments for treatment once the consultation is completed.  Same day treatment options may or may not be available.

We offer in-house financing and payment plans!! Choose the solution that is most effective and suitable for your budget and begin the journey to the renewed you!


Consultation fees are $500 and must be paid in full a minimum of 48 hours before an appointment may be scheduled.

Click "Book Now" to begin the consultation process! Email us payment confirmation and we will schedule your private session!

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