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Studio Policy

KINDLY READ the TERMS and CONDITIONS to allow for an enjoyable experience at Studio Chique. Below are the policies that govern the overall  Studio Chique beauty brand. In visiting the website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the Studio Chique policy.

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  • At minimum, a nonrefundable late fee of $15 will be imposed for guests arriving more than 15 minutes late depending on your service. Your appointment may be canceled or rescheduled based on tardiness to accommodate other guests.

  • For hair appointment services, please arrive with your hair in a condition prepared for the service scheduled. You do NOT need to shampoo prior to arrival. Unless scheduled for a sew in removal, wigs, weaves, braids, and all major detangling etc should be completed prior to your arrival to allow for a punctual start of service.  Any extensive detangling requiring what we deem to be more than basic will assess a fee additional to your service scheduled. We do NOT remove braids; however sew ins and wig removals may be scheduled along with your service for an additional fee.  Excessive detangling is NOT included with any scheduled service and will incur an additional charge.  

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  • Appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged 75% of the service amount.  We may allow a grace period of 15 minutes for late arrivals; however, depending on our schedule, late arrivals may not be accepted and therefore canceled. 

  • If canceled due to late arrival,  late cancellation fee equal to 50% of your service costs will apply and is due on the day of the scheduled appointment.  A $15 late fee is imposed on guests accepted arriving more than 15 minutes after the first incident. 

  • Each guest must have a valid credit card on file to maintain appointments.

  • Deposits may be required for select services. Guests may be charged a deposit at the time of booking an appointment. Deposits will be forfeited in the event  your appointment is not canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before the scheduled service.

  • In some cases, depending on the service we have the right to request (final) payment in advance.

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  • Deposits, cancellation fees, salon and spa services and retail products are nonrefundable for any reason

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  • Spa guests under the age of 18 must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Guests ages 13-17 can enjoy hair salon services, facials, waxing (not including bikini area), and massages. Guests ages 12 and under may enjoy hair salon services only and must be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise coordinated in advance. 

  • No children are allowed in Studio Chique unless being serviced.

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  • Studio Chique reserves the right to refuse services to any guest, at any time for any reason.

  • Studio Chique does not tolerate the use of profanity or lude conduct.

  • No loitering/solicitation.

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  • Studio Chique is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged on these premises. We strongly suggest you leave your valuables at home.

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  • Prices are subject to change without notice and  hair services may be adjusted due to the length and density of your hair.

  • We reserve the right to modify, discontinue or change services and prices without notice to ensure that maximum standards of service and quality are being met. Since prices may change without notice, advertisements from third party resellers are honored at the discretion of Studio Chique. 

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  • Guests acknowledge that Studio Chique does not offer medical advice. All services performed in the Salon at Studio Chique and Spa at Studio Chique are not meant to cure, treat or remedy any medical condition and received. Guests acknowledge services are performed at your own risk. Guests with medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors prior to booking any spa or hair services. Kindly inform your spa technician of any existing medical conditions by completing a Guest Check-In form prior to receiving your treatments. Studio Chique reserves the right to discontinue service for any reason to ensure the safety and well- being of all parties.

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  • Our staff is the best and brightest in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. While gratuity is optional and at your discretion, it is kindly accepted. We suggest 20% of the full price of the service provided.

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