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Our salon exclusive restorative treatments are formulated to enrich, enhance and rejuvenate weakened hair due to chemical or element-related stress. The results are guaranteed!!


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Protein/Hydration Masque     $25 +

Intensive moisturizing and protein elements deposited deeply into the hair’s cortex to fully restore pH balance offset by chemical application. GREAT for color treated hair.

Protein Shot       $25

Restores weakened hair to health due to chemical stress. Visible, tangible results after just ONE treatment. Lasts 6 weeks

Scalp Treatment  $99

Remedies scalp issues with balance of medication and hydrating properties

Anti-Thinning System     $25

DHT blocking cleansing system proven to STOP thinning cycles due to genetic and other forms of hair loss.
Must be maintained. Regrowth home care systems available for your ongoing use.

The Ultimate Growth Boosting Restorative Treatment     $99

This multi-therapeutic system will significantly repair impaired scalp cell damage while stimulating the follicle to push healthy hair out! It will add fullness, immense strength and vitality to the hair while the laser’s photosynthesis technology will activate cell production and accelerate growth in EACH SESSION!! If you’re serious about getting fuller, longer hair this is the treatment for you.  For best results, do this weekly for 6-12 weeks. 

Laser Therapy (LLLT)  $55 per session

On its own the power of our FDA approved laser has been proven to halt hair loss and accelerate growth on 100% of its subjects! Add a 25 minute session to your day and get the results that no pill or “magic” creams can offer.

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Touch-Up Relaxer (Roots Only)

Full Relaxer (On Virgin Hair) 

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Keratin Smoother (no formaldehyde)

Keratin Express 


$85  +





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