DevaCut, includes Basic Wash-n-Go Styling      $85

A dry, no-tension cutting technique using the natural fall of your curls and head form to build lasting shape and style. This customized service reveals the true beauty and essence of all curl types. Designed specifically for those who desire to wear their hair curly at all times. Benefits include: 2-3 yearly trims; super easy maintenance w/ required home care packages; eliminates dryness as an option; reveals true beauty of curls. This service includes a basic wash-n-go service.

Wash-n-Go!      $55

For those intending to leave the salon with your natural curls cleansed, conditioned and enhanced! A combination of intensely hydrating botanical cleansers and styling products applied to enhance your natural curl are used for this basic service.  Twist outs not included in this service.

Moisture Mask      $25

A restorative treatment with a botanical bath of our most nourishing, strengthening treatments layered on every strand. This custom treatment leaves ALL curl types shiny, silky soft and transformed.

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