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I oftentimes say, “The Lord knew what He was doing when He made us…even our hair was made perfect!” What happens over time after years of mom’s practice on us growing up; then to our friends hands who just had to use our hair for practice; or even to our fault, thinking we could replicate what we saw the stylist do, is that the hair loses what makes it strong in the first place. This is normal however we must counteract it with proper treatment and regular “enough” salon visits to maintain its original healthy state.

Although hair is actually a “dead cell” so to speak, it lives beautifully on the head by a perfect balance of these 3 essentials: protein, oil, moisture. If either of these are essentials are lacking or depleted, your hair will respond accordingly. The hairs cuticle, cortex (center) and follicle are all nourished by what the body has IN IT and is loss by what the daily processes of life take out of it. Exposure to environmental toxins, application of heat, undernourished eating patterns, and chemical processing all impact the balance needed to maintain healthy hair. This is why consistent treatment is necessary. If a hair treatment is quality and sustainable its results should last weeks, not days. Be sure that your hair care professional is using salon exclusive treatment lines designed to correct and promote proper pH, protein and hydration balance.

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