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Ask the wrong person this question and they will say “Extensions are for everyone!” Ask the qualified professional and they will offer you a consultation. Hair extensions are an amazing way to add glam appeal and fullness to your look, but there are a few things to consider.

Cost. Extension styling is a wise investment for the client wanting that “MORE” effect. Many gripe over the cost of installations and hair pricing but only because it is not see as an investment. A good quality installation will cost you anywhere from $100-1,500 (depending upon desired look and install technique); however the results are much longer lasting than a typical hair style. Likewise, high quality virgin or Remy hair will range from $100-275 per bundle/pack but keep in mind that hair of great quality can last for up to 2 years or more if properly cared for AND it can be reused over and over again after making the initial investment.

Time. Installations take more time to execute than your basic blow-out. Plan to spend the time needed to have it done right. Follow up appointments for maintenance are necessary for all installation types so schedule wisely for 2-6 week visits following the install appointments.

Tension. The biggest downsides to hair extensions are the weight and tension added to the scalp. You are accustomed to carrying your own hair around, not someone else’s! A proper foundation MUST be laid to sustain the weigh of the hair being added but this will cause some level of tension that a non

extension wearer is not accustomed to. Excessive pulling will have an adverse effect and is NOT required with extension styling; however some degree of tension comes with the service. If your scalp is super tender then consider having a unit (customized wig) installed instead which requires much less of a foundation.

With all of the techniques offered to style all of the hair types we accommodate, a consultation will always be your best beginning.

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